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Tabitha's class will leave you realising your own individual powerful strength that exist in a peaceful mind. Her beautiful mind and kind voice will guide you to flow with grace and dignity through carefully thought out sequences, guiding you to embrace the divinity within you. ~ Yogini Shahda - 2016






Fantastic Teacher, amazing class. Always feel relaxed and revitalized after every class. ~ Marie 2019



I Love Tabitha's yoga classes. They're a great way to connect with our heart space and wonderful way to physically exercise, Thank you for helping us feel better. ~ Tulay 2018







Fascinating to be apart of Taya Yoga, being able to focus on the accuracy and technique of the positions ~ Carole 2017






I have wanted to practice yoga for a while but I was worried about not being good enough. Practicing with Tabitha made me feel comfortable, relaxed and accepting of whatever I was capable of in each session. Plus a lot less back pain now :) ~ B. Beacon 2019






Tabitha is without a doubt the best yoga teacher I've ever had. She's so patient, helpful, professional and thorough. ~ Nathan - S&W






I have tried several yoga classes and Taya Yoga is the most effective and enjoyable. Tabitha is an excellent teacher and pitches the class at the right level as well as adding challenges. It's really improved my core strength and posture ~ Amanda 2017






Tabitha has helped me to find a love for yoga. She is a credit to the practice and brings warmth, passion and kindness to all of her sessions. so glad to have come across her 

~ Isabel Woodford 2019 ~






We look forward to yoga with Tabitha.

We feel like we run to class and float home 

~ The Mannings 2020~






Being able to join you on the mat via online has been invaluable, it really helps to keep me grounded. I am so grateful to you.  The variations in sessions and challenges are just right. 

~S.H 2020~





I feel very relaxed and energised, you are a fantastic teacher and you have a perfect voice, so soothing and calming. I love how you encourage throughout. Thank you 

~Sophie Romano 2021~

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